This Couple Spent $25,000 On A Harry Potter-Themed Wedding

How would you react if your partner asked if you could do a Harry Potter-themed wedding for your big day? This couple in Chicago actually pulled it off and only spent $25,000 to do so!

The newlyweds are both elementary school teachers and ended up only spending $25,000 on their wedding that was completely themed after the Harry Potter franchise, including: Dumbledore officiating their ceremony, a sorting hat table chart, a Deathly Hallows-shaped altar and a Niffler ringbearer.

The couple knew that they wanted an untraditional wedding and felt that incorporating their “shared love” for Harry Potter was the best way to celebrate their magical day with friends and family and they all went in on the theme as well by wearing colors that coordinated with their Harry Potter houses.

Here's some of the costs for their wedding:

  • Decoration – $5,000
  • Venue – $8,000
  • Catering – $4,500
  • Photographer – $2,000
  • The wedding planner – $1,000
  • Bartenders – $600
  • Alcohol – $2,000
  • Dress and Suit – $1,000
  • Party Bus Shuttle – $1,200

You can also see moments from the wedding below!

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