This Flight Calculator Finds Your Best Trip Options With Your Tax Refund

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Now that Tax Day has officially happened, hopefully you got your tax return done in time, you might be waiting for your refund and trying to figure out what to do with it this year. A new tool from Kayak might help you out!

The travel website's Tax Refund Trip Calculator will lets you enter the amount you got back from the IRS this year and then find flights and other trips you can afford with your tax return.

Kayak will show you a map with destinations and prices that will fit in your "tax return budget" and you can even filter the type of trip you want like a beach vacation or a trip to your theme park of choice.

According to the IRS the average tax refund this year has been $2,910 (not sure who is getting that because we didn't) so if you are close to that average you could plan a ton of trips with that tax refund!

You can use the trip calculator tool HERE!

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