'Water Recipes' Are Taking Over TikTok

Trying to find new ways to stay hydrated throughout the day? TikTok has you covered thanks to its newest trend: "water recipes!"

You may also see it called #WaterTok, but the trend has over 100 million views on the app and it's all about showing creative ways to "spice" up your water by adding powder, food ingredients, or liquid flavorings to encourage you to drink more.

People on the app are going viral for mixing additives like raspberry syrup, orange soda or strawberry Nerds candy into their water and while some "water recipes" aren't necessarily the healthiest, at least you can drink more water because of them.

You can see some examples of #WaterTok below, but if you are looking to motivate yourself more with drinking water then this might be worth trying out for a few days to get you used to drinking a ton of water again, but just watch out for the extra sugar content!

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