Air New Zealand Is Installing Bunk Beds On Long-Haul Flights

Flying might get a little more fun if you ever fly with Air New Zealand because they're introducing bunk beds to their long-haul flights!

The airline is planning to introduce bunk bed-style sleeping pods that can be used by economy passengers starting in 2024 and while they'll initially be available on their 17-hour flights, we could totally see them being introduced on red-eye flights.

Air New Zealand has named the concept ‘Skynest’ and said that economy passengers will be sold regular, non-reclining seats and they’ll be able to book four-hour sessions in the sleeping pods potentially for a $400 cost.

Each pod will be changed by cabin crew after every booking and will be decked out with ventilation outlets, USB charging and a privacy curtain.

You can see what the beds will look like below, but if you're traveling with a family of four then bunk beds sound like the way to go!

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