How To Say No To Being In A Wedding Party

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We all get to a point in our lives where everyone around us is getting married and about a year before the wedding you get asked to be in the bridal party as a groomsman or a bridesmaid, but it turns out you don't have to say "yes" and there are ways to do it to keep your friendship intact!

While you might feel pressured to say "yes," you’re under no obligation to do so, especially if it’s inconvenient or unfeasible for you to do so. If you want to say no, do it. You’re bound to feel a bit guilty about it, but you really shouldn’t.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind when declining to be a bridesmaid or groomsman for your friend or family member:

  1. Thank them for the generous offer - Asking someone to be your bridesmaid is a big deal, and it’s nice to know your friend thinks so highly of you. Show your appreciation for their gesture, letting them know how much it means and that you understand what a huge gesture it is.
  2. Make it clear you’ve considered it - You might know the minute the words come out of her mouth that you have no interest in being a bridesmaid. However, don’t make it out to your friend that it was a knee-jerk reaction.
  3. Don’t wait until the last minute - Don’t drag out the process of letting them know you’re not feeling it. As soon as you know 100% that you’re going to say no to being a bridesmaid, communicate that.
  4. Be upfront and honest but kind - Pretending like there’s some wiggle room here is a bit heartless. Let them know your decision is final and that it’s not something you’re open to at the moment.
  5. Open up about why you’re saying no - You don’t have to tell them why you’re declining their offer, but if you feel comfortable enough with your friend, you can share your reasons for not wanting to be in their party.
  6. Let them know how much you value their friendship - Make it clear that your decision isn’t an indication of how much you care about them.
  7. Offer to do other things to help out - Just because you’re not going to serve as a bridesmaid doesn’t mean you can’t help your friend in other ways.

Now enjoy all that free time you just kept to yourself by not having to go to ALL the bridal party events!

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