This Olive Garden Hack Can Get You A Full Meal For $7

We're never ones to keep life hacks to ourselves so get ready to be eating a TON of Olive Garden in the near-future because this Olive Garden hack will help you eat a good amount of food for less than $10!

The hack essentially has you order Olive Garden to-go from the restaurant, but instead of ordering a normal entree portion of chicken alfredo or lasagna you can just order the kid's meal portion instead.

The kid's meal portions are intended for customers who are "Under 12," but you essentially "game" the system by ordering online and getting a side, broccoli, and a drink for only $6.99.

There's always the chance that this viral hack could get blocked so if you do want to try it out we recommend doing it this week! Coming from personal experience, this hack DOES work and you can order two meals for under $15 and meal prep for another meal and get even more breadsticks!

You can watch a TikTok explaining how it all works below!

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