Forgot Your Charging Cube At Home? This Hotel Hack Can Help!

Cell phone charging battery

Photo: Getty Images

Realizing you left your charging cube at home can always be a small nightmare when traveling, but thanks to this hotel hack you can now charge your phone without the little cube it normally comes with!

Thanks to @Creative_Explained on Instagram, you can actually still charge your phone in your hotel room without having to buy an extra cube just by plugging your phone into the TV.

In the video, which you can see below, he explains that most new TVs have a built-in USB port on the back of the TV which can be used to charge your device when plugged in. Now most hotel rooms do have nightstands that also come with USB ports, but it's not always a guarantee, but the TV usually is.

He also shares other hotel room hacks you might need in a pinch like making a makeshift toothbrush holder over preventing any liquids from leaking in your suitcase.

Happy life-hacking!

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