Pixar's Upcoming 'Up' Short Is Going To Wreck Everyone

Get ready to cry because of an animated character again because a new Up short film is on the way from Pixar and just the premise has us in tears!

The short is called "Carl's Date" and like the short series Dug Days, will follow Carl Frederickson from the 2009 film after the events of the Academy Award-winning film. If you match the title of the short to the timeline it takes place then you'll realize the short will see Carl getting ready for his first date since his late wife Ellie's passing.

The short will also make us even more emotional because it will be legendary actor Ed Asner's final performance after passing away two years ago and most likely be the last material from the world of Up.

The short is set to appear before Pixar's Elemental on June 16th and you can see the short's poster below! Just make sure to bring the tissues with you!

Also in case you somehow missed one of the most emotional Pixar scenes of all time when Up first came out in 2009, you can relive its sad opening montage below!

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