This Sommelier's Wine Hack Will Make Your Wine Last Longer

Cracking open a bottle

Photo: Getty Images

Have you ever taken a sip of leftover wine you saved and it doesn't taste as great as when you first opened the bottle? You're not alone and there's a new "wine hack" going viral on TikTok that will help you out!

TikTok user @confidenceuncorked went viral earlier this week after sharing how she gets her wine to taste fresher longer and all you need is a Mason jar to store your leftover wine in.

According to @confidenceuncorked, who is a sommelier in real life, sticking the cork back into a half-empty bottle of wine exposes the wine to all the oxygen in the bottle, but if you put the wine in a sealed Mason jar then there is less space for the wine to be exposed to oxygen.

You can see her video explaining the hack below, but just get ready for Mason jars to make a comeback after this because you know people will be buying them up to store ALL their leftover wine!

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