New Survey Says Half Of Pet Owners Would Get A Tattoo Of Their Pet

siberian husky dog giving paw to man

Photo: Getty Images

Have you ever considered getting or have a tattoo of your pet? Turns out almost half of all pet owners want a tattoo of their pet!

The survey was conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with ACANA Pet Food, and found that 25% of pet owners would consider getting a tattoo of their pet and 25% are already in the planning process of getting a tattoo of the furry member of their family.

Oddly enough, another 16% of those that were surveyed said they had a pet-themed tattoo on their body whether it was a paw print, silhouette, or their dog's actual face on tattooed somewhere on their body.

The survey also found that pet owners are more likely to buy pet-obsessed products for themselves like clothing, toys, phone cases, and other pet merch.

If anything, getting a tattoo of your dog at least shows others that you're committed to being with them for as long as possible! You can read more from the survey HERE!

Also if you're in a realtionship with a pet just know that one of you is probably getting a pet tattoo in the near-future!

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