People Are Now Using ChatGPT To Talk To Tinder Matches

Turns out not even your love life is safe from AI because people are actually using ChatGPT to talk to potential Tinder matches and it's actually working!

TikTok user @ekoastoic went viral earlier this week for having ChatGPT use some of his conversations with a Tinder match to write a love poem and it actually impressed the girl.

In screenshots of the pairs’ messages, the woman says she’s “never had a guy write a poem for her before,” and said it was “so cute.” Some are applauding his creativity, others are saying it’s not ethical to use an AI to get someone interested in you on a dating app because it's just like catfishing someone, but with your words.

Dimitri says he has a “100% success rate” using the AI to get dates so just get ready for an MTV show to come out of all of this in the near-future!

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