Stanford University Is Offering A Taylor Swift Course

Think you know all things Taylor Swift? Now you can get academic credit for it because Stanford University is offering a Taylor Swift-inspired course for its winter 2023 quarter!

The class will be called "All Too Well (Ten Week Version)" and will be a weekly class for first-year students as an elective at the California university. According to the class's description the class will "“offer students an introduction to topics taught by alumni of the program" which apparently includes lessons on Taylor Swift.

The class will also apparently "challenge students to conduct an “in depth analysis” of Swift’s 2021 hit single" so if you get tired easily of listening to the same song then you might not want to enroll in the class.

Obviously, you still need to pay more than a ticket to her 2023 stadium tour to actually take the class, but just know that you don't have to take boring electives in college anymore!

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