TikTok's 'Olive Theory' Is The Latest Viral Compatability Test

Trying to see if you and your boo are going to make it or if you may need to end things in the near future? You might want to try TikTok's new compatibility test called the "olive theory!"

Technically the compatibility test isn't anything new as the theory first went viral thanks to How I Met Your Mother, but essentially you can tell if you and your partner are going to make it based on both of your preferences for olives.

According to the theory, there's always one partner who loves olives and one who absolutely hates them and this contrast make your relationship work. Obviously this isn't a guarantee for every relationship, but we do have a 100% proven track record with everyone in a relationship on the show!

You can see more videos explaining the theory below, but does the "olive theory" hold true to your relationship? Let us know because sometimes it's good to have different tastes between your and your partner!

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