This Wedding Planner Has The Best Day Of Wedding Tips Brides Forget To Do

You can never have enough wedding advice, even on your wedding day, but one wedding planner is going viral this week for sharing her surprising tips people forget to do right before they walk down the aisle!

TikTok user @daybydrachenberg went viral for her tips she thinks all brides need to do while getting for the wedding and all of them make sense when you think about them. Here were some of our favorites:

  • Brides shouldn't wear a bra while getting ready - They will leave bra lines all over your back when your taking photos getting ready or if you have backless dress during your actual photos.
  • Leave the hair ties - When you take it off, it leaves marks on your arm and you don’t want to see that in photos or you forget to take it off and then you have a hair tie on your arm in every wedding photo.
  • Don't wear socks - Socks also make lines which can make for ugly "putting on your shoes" photos. Wear slippers instead!
  • Don't wear any pullovers - The last thing you want to do is have to pull your outfit off over your freshly done hair and makeup, which can smudge, smear and make your hair frizzy.
  • Steam your dress the night before - The morning of the wedding is so hectic that anything you can do to make it easier, like steaming your dress the night before, can save time.
  • Breathe - Reflect on the day and everything that’s led up to it because it’s going to be an emotional one and it will fly by.

You can see her video below!

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