The Most Common Excuses People Use When Cancelling Dinner Reservations

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We've all had to cancel a dinner reservation at one point in our lives because we wouldn't make it in time, we had something else going on, or we didn't want to leave the couch, but it turns out we all use the same excuse to get out of those reservations!

According to a new survey, 20% of Americans will actually fake a medical situation to get out of a dinner reservation and 21% will use a "family emergency" as an excuse.

Many people do this to avoid having to pay a cancellation fee with some restaurants and the data really shows that we aren't to creative when backing out of dinner plans.

This also means you may need to switch up your reasons why you're avoiding the no-show fee because some restaurant booking apps can actually track your cancellations, which could impact you in the long run.

You can read more from the survey HERE, but just a good rule of thumb is to cancel before the 24 hours if possible!

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