This Wedding Photographer Went Viral For Her Wedding Credit Card Hack

Whether you elope or have a full-blown wedding they can be pretty expensive, but this wedding photographer might have the best wedding money hack to help with your honeymoon!

A Cincinnati wedding photographer went viral earlier this week for sharing how she and her fiancé are going on a free honeymoon because they opened a new credit card for all of their wedding expenses.

Apparently the credit card they opened gave them a TON of points for all of the big purchases for their wedding and it also built up their credit score for whenever they decide to get a new car or look for homes.

You can see her video below explaining how it all works, but my fiancée and I are actually doing the same thing and so far the point are adding up in our favor! Also your mileage may vary based on what card you apply for and what type of honeymoon you want to go on, but we'll take even a discount if we can get that!

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