Where You Can Get Heart-Shaped Pizza For Valentine's Day

Hand pulling slice of heart-shaped pizza near ingredients on cutting board

Photo: Getty Images

Say what you will about Valentine's Day and if you really need to celebrate it with your partner or not, but it's one of the only times in the year when companies sell heart-shaped pizza and several places are doing it this year!

The following chains are selling heart-shaped pizza starting the weekend before Valentine's Day and whether you're single or looking for something simple to eat with your partner then this might be a good suggestion:

  • California Pizza Kitchen - From February 9th to 14th, CPK is running a Sweet Deal for Two. Choose from two different packages that include an appetizer, two entrees and a dessert and heart-shaped pizzas are an option!
  • Marco’s - Use the code HEART to get a one-topping heart-shaped pizza starting at $9.99 from February 10th through 14th.
  • Papa John’s - They’re making heart shaped pizzas for the week of Valentine’s Day. You can get one for $11.99 from February 6th to 14th.

Also make sure to check your local supermarket chain because they usually release frozen heart-shaped pizzas too!

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