People Are Reselling Water From Splash Mountain After The Ride Closed

Turns out Disney Adults will do anything to get their hands on old ride memorabilia even if it's just water because people are reselling "water" from the newly-closed Splash Mountain for thousands of dollars online this week!

The popular Disney World ride closed this past weekend after 30 years of operation as it is getting rethemed after the 2009 film The Princess and the Frog. You might have seen a TON of people share their last ride and photos on Splash Mountain this weekend, but you might not have banked on people paying up to $1,000 for water that may or may not be from the actual ride.

Apparently some Disney fans scooped up water from the ride during its last day and are now trying to sell the jars online and the weird part is that people are actually paying for it! The even weirder thing is that only the Disney World version of the ride is closed right now so you can technically still go to California to enjoy the ride at Disneyland without having to pay for a bag of water!

You can see some of the listings below!

Also in case you want to relive the ride one last time before it becomes Princess and the Frog-themed you can watch the video below for a full POV!

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