New Survey Says Most Couples Would Prefer A Trip Over An Engagement Ring

Young couple riding classic scooter during vacation in Bali

Photo: Getty Images

Turns out you might not need to buy that engagement ring this year, even with all the family pressure you may be receiving, because a new survey found that most couples would choose an expensive trip over a ring!

A survey of more than 1,400 adults in the U.S. by Sandals Resorts found that 72% of couples would choose a trip instead of “an extravagant engagement ring.” The results also showed that more than half of those same adults would pick sharing an experience with their partner over giving each other material gifts.

Now you have to take this with a grain of salt since Sandals is the one who did the survey, but you might not have to save up to a year's worth of salary anymore to splurge on the ring. It might actually be worth your time to plan a bigger trip where you can propose, but with a more affordable ring.

You can read more from the survey HERE, but maybe ask your partner their thoughts on this survey before switching funds from the ring fund to the vacation fund!

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