This Electric Spoon Is Designed To Make Food Taste Saltier

Trying to cut back on salty foods in 2023? This might be the perfect tool to help you do so!

Scientists at Kirin Holdings Company and the Meiji University in Japan have apparently created an electric spoon and bowl that can enhance the "salty taste" of foods.

The devices are set to launch in Japan later this year and can increase a food's "salt taste" by 1.5 times and you're not actually consuming any salt so you don't have to deal with the health repercussions after.

The Electric Salt Spoon and Bowl use “electric taste sensation” technology, which allows “a very weak electric current” to transmit sodium ions from whatever you’re eating to your mouth to create the sense of saltiness.

Sounds like we just found our new go-to utensil we need with every meal so we can stay healthy, but also enjoy our food!

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