This Jewelry Company Will Pay You $1,500 To Go On 15 First Dates

Young couple in love spending time together in a cafe.

Photo: Getty Images

We totally understand the hesitation towards going on another first date for it to only fail later on, but this might be the perfect incentive for you to start dating again because one jewelry company wants to pay you $1,500 to go on 15 first dates!

Shane Co. is paying one lucky person to go on first dates and document each date for them and if selected you can get paid $1,500 for your suffering, if the dates go sour. To be considered for the job you have to:

  • Be single (Shane Co. doesn't want to promote cheating)
  • Find your own dates whether it’s on the apps, at the bar or at the dog park.
  • Date 15 different people
  • Be at least 18 and willing to document every date with a photo and fill out a worksheet with all the details of the date.

Shane Co. also suggests that you have the first dates happen in public places, but if you're interested in getting paid to go on a date you can go HERE to apply! Just maybe don't tell your date the real reason you swiped right on them!


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