Dating Expert Claims Eating These Cereals Makes You "Undatable"

We're not judging you if you still like to indulge in your favorite childhood cereals every now and again, but apparently it makes you "undatable" according to one dating expert who went viral this past weekend on TikTok!

Jeff Guenther is a counselor specializing in marriage and family therapy and went viral for his insight of what childhood cereals you may be eating and how it reflects your dating life.

You can see his video that went viral below and he's currently making a series on every childhood cereal and what it means for your dating life, but here were some of our favorite statements he made on each cereal:

  • Trix - You are chaotic and have “no idea” what you want in a relationship.
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch - You have “refined taste and it shows based on who you’re attracted to"

Move over horoscopes because cereal readings are the new trend in 2023!

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