People Are Getting Rid Of Their Christmas Trees By Eating Them

Cute Funny Gray Cat Bites a Сhristmas Tree

Photo: Getty Images

The holidays are officially over and you might be like most people and plan to put away your decorations this weekend, but did you know you can actually EAT your live Christmas tree before throwing it away?

According to a food writer, you can actually use most of your live Christmas tree as ingredients for your meals in January and it might make things a little easier when trying to get rid of everything Christmas-themed in your home.

Apparently the needles from the tree can be used like rosemary or bay leaves to give flavor to any meals you cook and you can even put sections of the tree itself in your oven to get charred and then use the ash for flavor as well.

You can read more about what you can use each part of your tree for HERE or check out the video below on how your Christmas tree can be a good cold remedy too!

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