This Woman Gets Paid $5,000 To Attend Weddings And Film TikToks

Woman taking photo at Wedding

Photo: Getty Images

Planning a wedding for 2023/2024 and trying to figure out what to budget for? If you're worried about your wedding going viral on social media then you might want to pay for a designated person to film TikToks at your wedding!

Multiple wedding content creators have recently gone viral for admitting that they actually get paid up to $5,000 to attend strangers' weddings and shoot random TikToks throughout the big day.

Said videos could include viral dances, trending sounds, or even a montage of your wedding and it is essentially the "evolution of the videographer" that can promise videos within 24 hours of your event instead of weeks waiting for one ten-minute video to be sent to you.

You can see one example of the videos below, but get ready to see this pop up in more wedding packages in the new year!

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