Apple Is Bringing A Karaoke Mode To Your iPhone

Happy friends singing together and playing on guitar

Photo: Getty Images

Looks like you won't have to bust out your family's old karaoke machine from the 90s or go to a karaoke bar this year because Apple just announced a new karaoke feature coming soon to Apple Music!

The feature is called "Apple Music Sing" and will allow users to modify the vocal range of a song and sing alongside real-time lyrics! You can sing solo, in a duet, or even include background singers to take your karaoke game to the next level.

At launch the feature will have 50 curated playlists and millions of songs for you to sing to your hearts content and you don't even need a microphone to sing along because your iPhone or iPad will serve as the lyrics screen and your mic.

Apple Music Sing will be available to subscribers later this month, but you'll need at least an iPhone 11 or iPad 9th generation to use the feature! You can read more about "Apple Music Sing" HERE!

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