People Are Just Learning What Those Extra Red Christmas Tree Bulbs Do

It's officially December so you have either already put up your holiday decorations or are planning to this weekend, but you might want to hold on to those extra red bulbs that come with your string lights!

Thanks to a viral TikTok from VizNelly, people are just realizing that those extra red bulbs are included for a reason: in case any of the bulbs on your string lights goes out OR if you want your lights to twinkle!

While the distinctive red bulb isn't an immediate replacement for whatever bulb color went out, it can produce a flickering effect on your lights and make your decorations seem even fancier than you first thought.

A TON of people didn't know about this hack and you can see it in action below! Time to go searching for those extra bulbs that we tossed in a random drawer!

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