When You Decorate For The Holidays Says A Lot About Your Personality

Christmas in the mountains house.

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When do you normally decorate for the holidays? Being that it's the last day of November we figured most people are starting to put up their decorations, but apparently when you put them up says a lot about your personality!

According to a group of psychologists, when you decide to put up your holiday decorations says a lot more than you realize and here's what it means if you decorate at these times:

  • If you start decorating before November - You like to be the first to do things. “You enjoy planning and executing well ahead of schedule and are well-organized, prepared and one step ahead of everyone else.
  • If you put your decorations up in November or early December - You genuinely look forward to the holidays because you have plenty of time to add to or change the decorations before the big day. On the other hand, those who choose to enrich their dwelling in early December enjoy doing things the correct and proper way and are more realistic in nature.”
  • If you decorate during the last week before Christmas - You tend to put things off until the last minute. This personality type is likely to be less optimistic than those who put up their decorations earlier and prefer to see Christmas come and go.
  • If you don’t put up any decorations at all - Implies that you don’t think the season is worth the effort and you feel little enthusiasm to participate in the holiday festivities at all.

You can read more about each "decorating style" HERE, but it might be time to at least put up the holiday lights inside your home!

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