The 'Ultimate Hangover Cure' According To Scientists

Teen suffering head ache at home

Photo: Getty Images

Everyone has their own go-to remedy to combat a hangover after a heavy night of drinking, but thanks to a group of scientists we now know that you really only need THREE ingredients to survive the day after drinking!

According to the study, a beverage blend of coconut water, lime and pear juice can jump-start the process of hangover recovery and help boost enzymes in your body to fight off all that alcohol.

The study does also suggest a meal to accompany the lime beverage and researchers suggest a side plate of cheese, cucumber and tomato will also help alleviate hangover symptoms.

Surprisingly, researchers also found that consuming spices like cinnamon and pepper could make your hangovers worse the next day so maybe avoid late-night cinnamon rolls or going heavy on pepper!

You can read more from the study HERE, but we think we'll still stick with a cheeseburger as our hangover meal and pair it with our coconut water with lime and pear juice!

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