This Jurassic Park-Themed Airbnb Has Working Dinosaur Animatronics

Looking for a weekend getaway that you'll never forget? You might want to start planning for a weekend trip to Washington to stay at this Jurassic Park-themed Airbnb called "Jurassic Retreat!"

The three-bedroom, two-bathroom retreat is in Washington's Skamania County and currently rents for $500-a-night to spend the night, but included in the rental is animatronic dinosaurs, gates inspired by the films, and dino-inspired artwork.

Unfortunately the current owners are trying to sell the dino-themed retreat for over $1.3 million, but with rooms themed on characters from the films it might be worth seeing if you and your friends want to go "splitsies" on a spot in Washington!

You can see what the "Jurassic Retreat" looks like below and see their Airbnb listing HERE!

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