'Quiet Constraint' Is The New Work Trend You Might Already Be Doing

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Even with every workplace pretty much decided on if employees can work from home or have to go to the office by now it turns out that most of us still don't feel comfortable "oversharing" on how to do our jobs at work!

A new survey found a rising trend in most workplaces is "quiet constraint," where employees hold back knowledge from their co-workers, clients, or managers and honestly we don't blame them.

Apparently 58% of all employees said they hold back important information they could share with their colleagues and the most common reason was because they were never asked. Another common reasons if because people felt that if they shared said information that their talent would be stifled more at their current job.

Now it's totally up to you on how you share information with your colleagues, but as long as you're the only person who knows how to do something, then just know that your office will have to find someone else to learn and do the same thing so keep that value!!

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