Pet Attendants Are The Newest Wedding Trend

This might be one wedding expense you won't mind paying for if you're trying to get your pet to be part of your BIG day because pet attendants are the latest trend in weddings!

Whether you want your pet to be part of photos or to actually be the ringbearer or flower girl at your wedding you would most likely have to designate someone to watch them during the reception, but a pet attendant essentially does all this and is kind of a "day-of coordinator" for your pet.

Most pet attendants meet with couples before the big day to learn about the dog like their breed, quirks, personality level, and fears and they will even help train your pet to walk down the aisle.

We've seen some pet attendants charge as much as $200 an hour so your mileage may vary, but if you can incorporate it into your wedding budget then why not!?

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