You Need To Play This Halloween Drinking Game Inspired By TikTok

Whether you're pre-gaming at someone's house or throwing a house party this Halloween it's probably a good idea to have some drinking games on hand just to keep the good vibes going, but you NEED to try this viral drinking game involving your pumpkin!

The game is called "Put A Fork In It" and has recently gone viral on TikTok because it's the perfect fall-themed game that doesn't require a lot of setup or rules. Essentially you put your pumpkin in the center of your party and each player has to put a fork in the pumpkin without anyone noticing.

If someone does catch you, they can shout "Fork You!" and then you have to take a shot of your drink of choice. The last person to stick their fork in the pumpkin has to take a double shot!

You can see some of the original videos that went viral below, but just prepare your bladder because it'll be pretty hard to be sneaky with this game!

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