New Study Claims Decorating For Fall Makes You Happier

Home interior decorated for fall with orange accent pillows on the sofa

Photo: Getty Images

Have you already started decorating for spooky season/fall weather? Turns out you might want to this weekend because it can actually give you a mood boost if you're feeling down!

According to a group of psychiatrists, decorating for fall is a simple pleasure for post people and this can actually give us the boost we need when we start to see the weather changing. Here are some of the other positives decorating for fall can do:

  • The colors of fall can evoke happy feelings - A 2020 study finds that the color orange - which is everywhere in fall decorations - is associated with joy and overall positive feelings.
  • Traditions can remind us of good times - If you decorate for fall every year, you have a decorating tradition, and that’s a good thing for mental health.
  • Traditions can also provide predictability in an unpredictable world - Because traditions happen at the same time every year, they give us a sense of predictability in our lives and that’s important because humans are habitual creatures who thrive on control.
  • Decorating gives us a reason to celebrate our homes - Having a home, especially a safe one, makes us feel secure and that plays a huge role in our mental health.

Now get out there and buy ALL the fall things at Michael's, Walmart, and Target because not only will it make you feel better, but then you're also festive at the same time!

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