You Can Own A 'Fiesta Flask' That Holds Both Tequila And Hot Sauce

Have you ever wanted to carry two of your favorite things with you at one time? Now you can thanks to a new collaboration between Camarena Tequila and Tapatio Hot Sauce called the "fiesta flask!"

Both brands are teaming up to release the "first-ever" tequila and hot sauce flask that will actually store the alcohol and sauce for you to take wherever you go and yes there is a clear window on each side of the flask to tell you which side you are using!

The "fiesta flask" will be given away through a sweepstakes on Camarena Tequila's Instagram account on October 4th (aka National Taco Day) and if you do happen to win the flask just make sure to avoid pouring tequila on your tacos!

You can see what the flask looks like below and for more info on how to score one you can go HERE!

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