Soft-Serve Hard Cider Is The New Fall Food Trend You Need To Try

Get ready to add a NEW go-to fall food/drink to your yearly fall celebrations because soft serve hard cider is now a thing and is slowly being served all over the place in 2022!

Softer-serve hard cider is exactly as it sounds as your go to favorite hard cider is mixed with a binding agent to turn it into "ice cream form" and we are here for it!

Buskey Cider, located in Richmond, VA was one of the first places we saw to start promoting soft-serve hard cider and they've been doing it for a while with flavors like watermelon, pomegranate, and the classic apple being served throughout the year.

Obviously, where you find soft-serve hard cider will depend where you go for your fall drinking habits, but get ready to start seeing a lot more people eating ice cream in October and November this year!

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