Nature Documentaries Are The Best TV Shows For Your Mental Health

Girl Wearing Pajamas Watching TV in her Room

Photo: Getty Images

In need of a mental health break and need something to watch to get your mind off things? Turns out watching a nature documentary can actually help you out!

According to a new study from the University of California, Berkeley, watching "nature documentaries" was one of the best types of shows to boost your mental health and decrease your stress.

The study tasked 7,500 people with watching either clips of news, a popular drama TV show, or a nature documentary and results showed that those who watched the documentary had a higher sense of feeling joy and contentment and a lower rating of being stress, tired, or anxious.

Also in case you need some inspo on what nature documentary to watch when you need a mental health break, then check out a National Geographic trailer for their latest nature documentary below!

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