This Airline Lets You Buy The Empty Seat Next To You For A Small Fee

If you were given the option to pay for an empty seat next to you on your flight, would you pay for it? Qantas is actually making it a reality with its new add-on for your next flight!

The Australian airline is now offering a "Neighbor-Free Seating option" on certain domestic flights where you can actually buy the seat next to you starting at $20 based on your flight length.

The option is currently being tried out over the next six weeks and if you're on a flight that isn't full, you'll be given an email invitation to you the extra seat next to you about 48 hours before departure.

The upgrade won't be guaranteed until departure and if your flight does happen to fill up, you'll get a refund so no harm, no loss if you're looking for some extra elbow room.

Fingers crossed this can be implemented on flights globally so we can take advantage of it!

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