Mountain Dew Will Pay You To Marry A Can Of Hard Mountain Dew

In need of a fun vacation in your life right now and don't care how you get there? Mountain Dew wants to hook you up as long as your willing to be the first person to marry a can of Hard Mountain Dew!

The soda brand wants to actually fly someone to Las Vegas to have them get married to an actual can of Hard Mountain Dew and they're calling it their "Hard Dew, I Do" contest.

All you have to do is go to Hard Mountain Dew's online entry form and answer the following questions to be selected for an October ceremony where you'll get married to a can of Hard Mountain Dew:

  • How did you know Hard Mtn Dew was the one for you?
  • What makes you our one true love?
  • Write your proposal to ask for their hand in marriage
  • Submit a photo "that captures how you'd feel if you found out you were engaged to Hard Mtn Dew"

If chosen, you'll get travel and hotel accommodations for two nights for yourself and a "witness," a "a celebratory reception at one of Las Vegas's hottest clubs," $1,000 cash as a wedding gift, and free Hard Mountain Dew.

You'll also get a $500 stipend to purchase the wedding gown or suit of your dreams, but just be ready to explain to your parents why you're married to a can and your last name is potentially now Dew!

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