You Can Get Paid To Drink Pumpkin Spice Lattes This Fall

Fall is officially on its way and while crunchy leaves and colder temperature might seem bad at first, we can all agree that pumpkin-flavored foods and drinks is one of the best parts and you can now get paid to become an official "pumpkin spice latte tester!"

Clothing brand Pour Moi is looking for an official taste-tester to drink and rank every different type of Pumpkin Spice Latte to see which one is truly the best fall drink.

If selected, you would receive a $350 one-time salary on top of a budget to purchase as many pumpkin spice lattes that you may need to drink for the position. All you need to do in the role is write/film a review of each drink ranking them based on "sweetness levels, flavor, coziness, smell and add bonuses (sprinkles, cream, toppings)."

To apply for the role you can go HERE and the only real requirement Pour Moi has is that you have a "solid enthusiasm for autumn and experience drinking PSLs."

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