This Couple Went Viral For Revealing They Sleep In Separate Rooms

If you had the option, would you sleep in separate bedrooms from your partner? That's what one couple revealed they actually do on TikTok and caused the Internet to get into a big debate!

TikTok user Carsyn Soto recently shared how she and her long-term boyfriend live together, but they actually have separate rooms they sleep in and decorate on their own.

Her TikTok was flooded with comments pointing out the arrangement was crucial for shift workers, those who experience mental health challenges, people with unique lifestyles, and those who simply prefer time alone and relationship psychologists also agreed with them!

Relationship psychologist Rachel Voysey says there are many benefits to couples sleeping apart when they “intentionally” choose to do so and can actually improve a couple’s sex life due to the increased feeling of romance and desire due to space.

You can see their setup below and obviously every relationship is its own thing so maybe ask your partner first if they want to do this before claiming dibs on a room and decorating it!

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