New Research Says Your Dog Cries Tears Of Joy Whenever You Come Home

cute small dog standing on two legs and looking away by the window searching or waiting for his owner. Pets indoors

Photo: Getty Images

Have you ever wondered if your dog actually cares for you or if they just play with your emotions? Turns out your dog can cry based on emotions according to a new study!

Researchers from Azabu University in Japan just discovered that a dog's eyes will cry with tears of happiness with their owner after a period of absence and now we're never leaving home again.

Like humans, dogs have tear ducts that well up with tears to keep their eyes clean and healthy, but this is the first time tears in dogs have been linked with their emotions.

According to the study, dogs shed tears associated with positive emotions and on another interesting note they found that dogs cried more when reunited with their owners compared to someone who comes and go in their lives like your relatives.

You can learn more from the study HERE, but if you need the point proven even further then check out one of the saddest scenes from Futurama that involves a dog waiting for his owner!


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