Krispy Kreme Is Releasing Donuts Made Just For Your Dog

english bulldog begging for Donuts

Photo: Getty Images

August 26th is National Dog Day in case you didn't know and if you're looking for the PERFECT way to spoil your dog then you might want to head to your nearest Krispy Kreme!

The chain is celebrating the holiday by releasing their own "Doggie Donuts" that are made solely for your dog to eat! They come in six-packs and are inspired by some of Krispy Kreme's flavors like their strawberry iced with sprinkles.

This will be the first time ever the "Doggie Donuts" will be released in the US and they are actually nut-based and baked without any harmful ingredients so your dog won't have a stomachache after.

In addition to "Doggie Donuts", Krispy Kreme will also have a limited-edition red bandana for pups, but you might want to act fast on both items because they'll only be sold in stores this weekend.

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