This Couple Accidentally Put An Adult Website On Their Wedding Invites

There's a lot to do if you're planning a wedding and it helps to have you and your partner double-check each other when confirming and sending things out, which this bride learned the hard way!

TikTok user @squidward.tentacles recently shared how she and her fiancé sent out their wedding invites, but didn't realize until they sent them all out that the website listed on the RSVP was to an adult website.

In the video, which you can see below, the bride explains that she and her fiancé originally put the adult website as a joke placeholder, but didn't realize it was still on there after she sent the RSVPS to her friends and family.

The even worst part is there "for more info" section also links to the adult website so their friends and family members are in for a rough time in the near future!

Something also tells us they might not get a ton of RSVPS for their big day!

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