People Who Live In The Conjuring House Have To Do These Things Every Day

Have you ever wanted to know what it's like to live in the house that inspired The Conjuring movies? Turns out it's as scary as the movie franchise made it seem!

TikTok user @madison.heinzen207 is the daughter of the house's previous owners and recently posted about some of the weird things she has to deal with on a daily basis in the house.

The 14-room farmhouse in Rhode Island is actually one of the most haunted properties in the US and Heinzen actually has a list of routines she has to do every day to "please the spirits of the house."

You can see in some of her videos below Heinzen checking security cameras, wishing ghosts a good morning and good night, and then locking up everything at night which seems like the worst job ever.

You would never catch any of us visiting The Conjuring house, even during Halloween!

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