Pokémon Card Thief Gets Caught After Hiding Everything At His Mom's House

Pokemon trading cards background

Photo: Getty Images

We've all "borrowed" things from work without having any intentions of bringing said items back to work, but this warehouse worker tops us all after he stole $70,000 worth of Pokémon cards and hid them at his mom's house.

Apparently a worker at Magic Madhouse, which is one of the biggest collectible card companies in the UK, would every so often steal cards from work because they weren't cataloged in the warehouse's system so he figured nobody would notice.

However, his bosses started to take precautions to see who was taking cards from work and set up camera and caught the worker in the act and he was even stealing rare cards that were already logged in the system.

The even worse part is that after the authorities were involved, they found out that the worker would hide his stash at his mom's house with over 500,000 cards scattered all over her home.

You know that mom had no idea what her son was bringing home and easily had to have thrown some of the rare cards away, but the man is charged with 16 months in jail and a TON of community service.

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