This Bachelorette Party Went Viral For Being Waluigi-Themed

We love seeing all the "alternatively-themed" bachelorette parties that future brides and their friends are throwing in 2022, but this might be our favorite because someone had a Waluigi-themed bachelorette party!

Waluigi is on of the ICONIC Nintendo characters you most likely play as is Mario Party and Mario Kart alongside Wario and earlier this week a bachelorette party went viral on TikTok for having everyone in the group dress up as a Waluigi-variant.

The TikToks they posted of the night, which you can see below, went viral on TikTok and it's the energy we need for 2022! Fingers crossed this becomes a normal thing so that 30 years from now we can still see Shrek, Guy Fieri, and other weirdly-themed bachelorette parties!

Also here's hoping the bride's wedding has something Waluigi incorporated into it!

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