Ben Affleck Will Return As Batman In Aquaman 2

It looks like Ben Affleck isn't officially done being Batman just yet and we can all thank Jason Momoa for making it happen!

You read that right! Ben Affleck is coming back as his version of Batman in the Aquaman sequel Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom and Jason Momoa revealed the news yesterday on his Instagram after sharing behind-the-scenes footage at the Warner Bros. lot.

The even better part is that DC Comics even verified that it's actually happening because they commented on Momoa's post, which you can see below.

How Affleck fits into the Aquaman sequel remains to be seen, but if anything it gives us a small glimmer of hope that the DCEU could survive!

Also, in case you want to remind yourself of Affleck's time as Batman, you can check out one of his standout scenes as the Caped Crusader below!


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