New Research Claims Dog Tails Do This When They’re With Humans They Love

cute dog put his face on his knees to the man and smiling from the hands scratching her ear

Photo: Getty Images

Have you always wondered if your dog actually likes you or if they just put up with you? Turns out you only really need to see what their tail is doing to find out!

New research from the Chinese Academy of Sciences says that dogs actually wag their tails more frequently to the right if they are around humans they like.

Researchers looked at a total of 21,000 dogs in their study and measured their tail-wagging with #D motion-tracking to find out that dogs who are around humans they like/are familiar with that they will normally wag to the right.

Apparently right-sided wagging is linked to the left side of a dog's brain where positive emotions are processed and fingers crossed when we get back home we can tell our dog's tails are wagging right!

You can learn more from the study HERE!

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