The Best Positions To Sleep In When Its Hot According To Sleep Experts

Sad Woman Lying On Bed

Photo: Getty Images

Having a hard time trying to fall asleep during the warm summer nights we have in the DMV? You're not alone and there are actually several ways to cool off at night according to sleep experts!

According to experts, sleeping on your front is a guaranteed way to make you feel hot in bed because your body heat immediately bounces off the bed and back to you which can make you feel uncomfortable.

They say sleeping on your side with your legs at a big of an angle is the best position to sleep in, which they call "the dreamer." The other position they recommend is the "stargazer" where you lay on your back and let your breath go up to the ceiling instead of your pillow.

You can learn more about the best sleep positions at night HERE, but we hope these help you not have to rely on your fan blowing air on your throughout the night!

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