JW Anderson Is Selling A Clutch Bag That Looks Like A Pigeon

Trying to add a conversation piece to your going-out wardrobe? You might want to get this new clutch bag from JW Anderson if you can afford it because it looks like a pigeon!

The luxury brand just revealed in its Spring/Summer 2023 show in Milan that it will be selling a Pigeon Clutch Bag this month for $890.

The Pigeon Clutch is described as being served in a "gray colorway" that was made using a 3D printing machine, which makes the clutch look like someone is carrying an actual pigeon in their arms until they open it up and look for their phone, makeup, or wallet.

When you want to use the clutch, you simply open up the bird’s wing to access the actual bag where you'll find a gold-toned hinge but just be ready to spend a good fortune on becoming a bird-person!

You can see the Pigeon Clutch and buy your own HERE!

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